I met Amber about 6 months ago at, what was to be the end, of a 3 year depression. Over that period of time frustrations stemming from: losing my job, problems with women and simply a general feeling of emptiness and lack of meaning in my life… had almost driven me to suicide.

I was introduced to her by a friend and she gave me her card. A few days later I awoke in a particularly depressed state and I decided to call her…

A few sessions later, I was back on track. I felt like me again. I started dating again. I felt a renewed vigor in my creative projects. And most importantly I felt the presence of love in my life for the first time in quite awhile. I felt saved.

Since then, I have continued to work and study with Amber and she continues to help me create love, health and abundance in my life. I am more empowered, stronger and happier than I have ever been.

Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your love.

Andy Ferra

Dearest Spiritual Sister,

Since the day you came in to my store for Tara meditation I knew we have spent life times of comrodery together. The insight you have given me through readings has always been direct and precise (none of the you will find your prince crap). The honesty and love you give is refreshing. Even my husband has gone to you for readings and that says a lot! From your readings my intrigue became greater towards the Native American teachings and it is obvious by my becoming an apprentice to you, that it has touched my life deeply. With every sunrise I feel myself stepping into my mantle of authority and facing the day with more wisdom. In three words; you rock sister!

I honor the GOD within you-Namaste',
Rev. Amaura L. Delaney

Amber the healer

Amber went with me to a have a same day surgical procedure. She was going with me as a driver. Amber has always had special gifts. I have known this my entire life because she is my cousin. She was not going with me as a spiritualist, counselor or healer. She was going with me because she is my cousin, and she wanted to help.

The procedure went as scheduled and we were on our way home. My instructions were to stay quiet and lay around. Amber stayed with me, we watched movies and talked.

Amber went home and I spent an uncomfortable night. The next day Amber came over to take care of me. I was very ill and my face and body were swollen. I was dizzy. Amber saw the problem and did some crystal healing on the side that was swollen. I had to go to the ER and get IV fluids. My face and arm remained swollen for days after my hospital trip especially my arm and the arm pit. I went to see my physician four times but they found nothing. The fourth trip I showed the physician my arm she was amazed and immediately sent me in for tests.

Specialized tests showed that I had a blood clot....moving up my arm and toward my heart. The clot had dissipated but the scarring in the vain remained. It was the side that Amber worked on before I went to the hospital

Amber saw the problem, and did the work. I know that the blood clot was taken care of by the healer in Amber.

She ain' t heavy she is my cousin :)

Lisa Michelin



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