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Tell me about yourself.
I was born in 1955 in Evanston, Illinois of mixed-blood heritage. I studied at the Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (I.C.S.S.) in Toronto, Canada. I have studied under Shamanic teachers from various lineages, including: Traditional Native American, Metis Medicine, Egyptian, Taoist, African & Tibetan. I have been trained fully in the healing art of Reiki and am empowered as a Reiki Master. I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of enlightenment and assisting others in empowering themselves. I am an Universal Life Church Ordained Minister and Pastor of Dawn of the Dharmic Day Cyberchurch, and as such I do a lot of spiritual counseling and utilize a variety of divination tools, which include: The Medicine Cards, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Crystals, Pendulums, Mayan Oracles, Medicine Wheels and several others. My specialties are Sacred Sexuality teachings, connecting people with their Totem Animal Guides & Ancient Woman's Teachings.

What is Shamanism?
Shamanism is an earth based philosophy of life which utilizes the natural elements to establish and maintain harmony. In two words: energy choreography.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is an ancient healing system derived from the Bonpa Tibetan Shamanism Schools. It is the practice of channeling universal healing energy to balance and or align an individual, thereby allowing them to heal themselves.

What is Sacred Sexuality?
It is the highest and most divine aspect of ourselves as humans. It is our opportunity to explore and develop the ultimate creative force of the universe (macrocosm within our own body's microcosm). Through the cultivation of this energy, we are able to: achieve radiant health, increase longevity & achieve states of unequaled physical, mental & spiritual bliss.

What are the Woman's Teachings?
They are ancient knowledge which has been held in secret since 2500 B.C.. Their first sacred law is that, "All things are born of woman". This body of knowledge prepares and enables a woman to step into her full potential of Power and Beauty.

How does a reading over the Internet work?
Once our contact has been made and the agreement to work together is in place, I'll either work through emails or in a private chatroom with you. Having obtained the necessary information from you (i.e. birthdate, etc.) I tap into my lineage of teachers and my guides. From there I may use any variety of divination tools to best inform you of the status of any situation.

How do medicine cards work?
Like all divination systems the cards are symbols which represent archetypal energies. It is the reader's responsibility to interpret how those archetypes are having impact on your life. I particularly enjoy the Medicine Cards because of my Native American background and the knowledge of the utilization of Totem Animals as guides.

I read that you're an ordained minister... Does that mean you can marry people?
Absolutely, as well as perform other ceremonies such as: baptisms, rites of passage, funerals, etc.

What is the Universal Life Church anyway?
The Universal Life Church, founded by Kirby Hensley in 1959, is based on the philosophy of universal love and their credo is: "Do that which is right."

Can I get involved?
Absolutely, for more information visit their website at, or contact me for more information and/or ordination.

Are you available to give lectures / teach classes?
Yes and they are among my favorite things to do. I have been blessed to receive powerful wisdom and knowledge from a variety of teachers and schools of thought. It is my mission of service to share that knowledge with others, especially in these changing times. Please feel free to contact me regarding any event you would like me to attend.

I'm interested in pursuing a life doing healing work... How can I get started?
The first step in the path of a healer is to heal oneself. Bring joy into your own life so that you have the proper foundation and presence to help other elevate their conscious. As you grow your own natural gift will come into light and, naturally, you will know where to go form there.

Is one system the best?
From having studied a variety of systems, I have found that the bottom line is: "DOES THE SYSTEM WORK?" I view all systems as branches of the same tree. All systems which prove valid and are in the light are of equal validity. Trust yourself and your abilities and you will always know in your heart which tool is best for any given situation.





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